Benefits of an Air Purifier with an Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to air purifiers. If you are planning to get an air purifier with an activated carbon filter, here are even more reasons why it is worth the purchase.

Before we talk about the benefits of a carbon filter in an air purifier, let’s get to know what activated carbon is. Let’s also check out the reasons why it has the word “activated” attached to its name.

Activated carbon is used to remove impurities from water and air. Activated carbon is the best material to use because it is highly porous, and it has a large surface area to capture contaminants.

So why the name activated? It is called activated carbon because carbon is put through a baking process to dry it out. The process pushes out impurities and also breaks up the carbon at very tiny points that are not visible to the eyes.

The microscopic fractures create a large surface area to capture impurities. The activated carbon filter present in air purifiers offer lots of benefits to users. The benefits include the following.

Control asthma triggers

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. Asthma attacks are also quite deadly and can even cause death. Unfortunately, the things that trigger attacks are common and mostly present in our homes.

Smoke, pet dander, and dust affect the inflamed bronchial tubes of asthma patients proceeding to tighten the muscles of the airways and finally restrict breathing.

Fortunately, activated carbon air purifiers do an excellent job at removing tobacco smoke, pet dander and dust from your home, thereby reducing the chances of asthma escalations.

Alleviate external pollutants

You may think that your home is devoid of bad air since your windows and your doors are always closed. This assertion is not true; remember that the walls are breathable.

This means that no matter how well you close your windows and doors, you will still have some external pollutants seeping into your rooms.

Engines such as diesel and internal combustion engines produce a lot of pollutants. Those engines produce very harmful toxins that can affect your health when you are exposed to it at significant levels.

For instance, diesel engines produce black carbon that is really deadly for humans.

Fortunately, activated carbon filters in air purifiers are capable of removing these deadly carcinogens from the atmosphere in your home.

Getting rid of tobacco smoke

Many people have been greatly affected by smoking even though they do not engage in the act. The most affected group of people are children since they have underdeveloped lungs.

Passive smoking causes bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and heart diseases. It can even trigger dementia in the elderly. This means that it is never good to ignore the health effects of living in an environment where there is pronounced smoking.

In most cases, people cannot wholly avoid such an environment, but at least something can be done.

Activated carbon filters in air purifiers remove up to 3 microns from the air. It can remove tobacco smoke as well. This will make the air clean and healthy for everyone.

Removing Radon gas

Radon is a commonly occurring gas, and it is surprising how dangerous it is. Radon emanates from naturally formed Uranium in water, soil, and rock.

This means that the level of Radon gas you are exposed to depends on where you live. If you live in an area where granite is dominant, you will be exposed to high levels of this gas.

This gas causes a high risk of cancer. For instance, if 1000 people are exposed to 20pCi/L over a lifetime, 36 of them stand the risk of getting cancer.

Unfortunately, Radon gas can be found in schools, workplaces and homes. This gas gets into buildings, parks and other places through cracks, plasters and pipework.

Increased ventilation, high building maintenance, subfloor depressurization, and air filtration are ways to reduce the level of Radon gas in the atmosphere.

 An air purifier with this kind of filter traps the particles in the filters, ensuring that you breathe only fresh and clean air.

Reducing Carbon Dioxide

The Carbon Dioxide we and our pets breathe out is supposed to be ingested by plants. The plants then produce the Oxygen that we ingest. You will, however, agree with me that it is not common to grow lots of plants indoors.

This conclusion means that we need to allow proper ventilation to ensure that the Carbon Dioxide goes out of our homes and the Oxygen gets in.

This simple mechanism that will help us have access to clean air all the time is flawed due to the modern architecture of our home. Now, doors and windows have been designed to trap in air.

The objective is to trap in heat to reduce electrical bills and carbon footprints so that we don’t need to put the home heating system on most of the time.

This action greatly affects the quality of the air we breathe. Now, indoor air contains higher concentrations of Carbon Dioxide.

Large amounts of Carbon Dioxide are hazardous to anyone who inhales them. It can cause nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate, headaches, drowsiness, sweatiness and even death.

Charcoal air purifiers can reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the home, and this allows you to breathe quality air.

Reducing the effects of asbestos

Asbestos roof

Old houses and constructions emit asbestos, which is harmful to your health. In the twentieth century, asbestos was used in building structures.

Building materials such as insulation pipes and roof coverings featured lots of asbestos around that time. Now, these old buildings are shedding some of their materials since they are aging.

When it gets into the atmosphere, it attacks the lungs, and this causes asbestosis. Asbestosis eventually develops into mesothelioma. Diseases related to exposure to asbestos kill up to 15,000 Americans annually.

The statistics indicate that people who live in old buildings are at risk of contracting asbestos-related diseases.

Thankfully, activated carbon filters in air purifiers can clean the air and make it healthy for people living in such buildings.

Giving the sick and the old a healthier life

As people age, their systems weaken, and they fall sick easily. It is the same with sick people’s system breakdown at the least provocation.

They need to stay in a healthy environment so that they do not suffer breakdowns. Their food, water and air need to be healthy.

The air they breathe should be clean, especially if their lungs are weak. It is common to see the elderly members of the family suffering from lung conditions.

Hence, a charcoal air purifier should be a necessary piece in the home. It removes 99.7% of bacteria from the air, making it healthy for people with lung diseases.

Breathing in clean air does not only foster a healthy lifestyle, but it also speeds up health recovery and prolongs life. When ailing people breathe in quality air, it improves their overall mood.

Getting rid of volatile organic compounds

Many objects in the home contain these compounds; furnishings, wall paints, air fresheners, aerosols, and even dry cleaned clothes contain volatile organic compounds.

When exposed to humans, the compounds can cause nausea, burning throat, and stinging eyes. These are the mild effects, but when humans are exposed to these chemicals for a more extended period of time, they can even have leukemia.

The exposure to these health risks is the reason why charcoal air purifiers are essential in homes. It will clean the air and eliminate the effects of these compounds on your health and also on the health of your whole family.

Getting rid of allergens

People are allergic to a wide range of pollutants. It can be dust mites, pollens or even pets. Some allergic reactions are so bad that they can threaten a person’s life.

Air purifiers with the help of activated carbon filters work at attracting the allergens. Ideally, get a stage-3 air purifier if you want one that gets rid of these allergens as well.

The three-stage air purifier features a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and then an ionizer. The ionizer releases negatively charged ions into the atmosphere. The ions positively charge the pollutants; this makes them heavy enough to fall on the ground.

Once you remove most of the allergens in the atmosphere, you will be reducing the chances of you or a member of your household suffering an allergic reaction.


We have talked about the numerous pollutants that affect the quality of air that we breathe. We have also talked about the dangerous impacts some of them have on our health. We cannot continue to ignore these health impacts since they can lead to loss of life.

Fortunately, charcoal air purifiers do a great job of getting rid of the vast majority of these pollutants. Safeguard your children, ailing, and aged members of the family quickly to avoid regrets.

Get an air purifier with an activated carbon filter to provide the clean and healthy air that everyone needs. Quality air does not only reduce the chances of falling ill, but it also ensures faster recovery and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. 

You cannot be taking chances when it has something to do with health.

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