One of the best products in the world is having handy items. It can make your life comfortable and satisfying. Aside from that, it can give you effortless work to set it up. As a result, many individuals are eager to purchase this kind of appliance.

Hence, we are here to introduce an item that can ease your workload in a snap, especially in having refreshments in your surroundings. It is about the Hisense Portable Air Conditioner product. This item has an outstanding performance that might catch your attention instantly.

However, to give you some options to consider, we include in these reviews the various kinds of these Portable Air Conditioners products. That way, we can provide you with excellent choices that can fit your taste the most. Also, we gather all the relevant information to understand more about these types of products, to give you excellent feedback while selecting your preferred kind. Plus, discover the things that this item can offer reliably.

In that case, join us as we give you the wonders of this handy product. Let’s get started!

Editor’s Choice

Best Overall
Hisense AP1419CW1G
Hisense AP1419CW1G
  • It is multi-directional air control.
  • It has a window venting kit.
  • It has a sleep mode, auto cool, and a 24 hours timer.
  • Has Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • Works with the Google assistant.
Best Value
Hisense AP1019CR1G
Hisense AP1019CR1G
  • It has multi-directional air control.
  • With window venting kit.
  • With overload protection.
  • It is a thermostat product.
  • With automatic shut-off.
Premium Choice
Hisense AP1019CW1G
Hisense AP1019CW1G
  • It has Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • It also contains overload protection.
  • It also works reliably with Amazon Alexa.
  • It has a command voice control.
  • It can connect with iOs and Androids.

This section contains the three separate units that have an excellent performance based on their strength factors. Each of these three models can serve unique and quality features that might suit your taste. Other than that, they might also bring an outstanding performance that may satisfy your needs. So, let us dig some more about each of these top three reliable items.

Product Comparison Table

AP1419CW1G AP1419CW1G

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 14000 / 9500
Maximum Coverage Area: 600 sq ft (30 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: Yes

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AP1019CR1G AP1019CR1G

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 10000 / 6500 
Maximum Coverage Area: 300 sq ft (15 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: No

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AP1019CW1G AP1019CW1G

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 10000 / 6500 
Maximum Coverage Area: 300 sq ft (15 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: Yes

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AP1419CR1G AP1419CR1G

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 14000 / 8500
Maximum Coverage Area: 500 sq ft (25 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: No

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AP1319HR1G AP1319HR1G

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 12000 / 7500
Maximum Coverage Area: 400 sq ft (20 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: No

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AP0819CR1W AP0819CR1W

BTU Capacity ASHRAE/DOE: 8000 / 5500 
Maximum Coverage Area: 200 sq ft (10 ft x 20 ft)
Warranty: Two years limited
Wi-Fi Compatible: No

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This section serves as the list of the best Portable ACs that you can consider. Each of these items includes features that can help you decide better when choosing the right product that suits your taste. We listed some of the information that you can check and compare from each of them. It includes the following;

Our Top 6 Hisense Handy AC Home Cooling Units

In this portion, we listed the below information and video on the link about the best 6 Stars Portable Air Conditioners Appliances that you can avail. These items play a vital role in making you feel better, especially when the summer hits you badly. With the use of these technologies, you can experience the refreshment effect that can satisfy your body. To know more about these ideas, here is the following list;

1. AP1419CW1G


  • It has Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • It has an automatic shut-off.
  • It works with iOS and Androids.
  • It has a voice control function.
  • It has movable wheels to place it anywhere you want.
  • With auto cool and sleep mode


  • No other color available.
  • It does not have Bluetooth compatibility.
  • It does not work with Apple Units.
  • No quiet mode
  • No free shipping
  • No heater
Item Dimension28.7 x 17.4 inches
Item Weight76.04 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorGray

The first on the list is this AP1419CW1G unit, which can provide a refreshing sensation within the 600 sq ft. space area. You can connect it to your internet connection because it has a Wi-Fi compatibility function. Therefore, you can monitor and control your Portable Air Conditioner in an instant. It can also work well with Google Assistant, especially with the Hisense HiSmart App.

Moreover, this unit has a 14000 BTU (ASHRAE) capacity and a 9500 (DOE) capacity at a 50-decibel rating on low. Plus, it includes a window kit to help you to install this Portable Air Conditioner effortlessly, without cutting any parts. Aside from that, the AP1419CW1G model goes with a washable and detachable air filter for easy and hassle-free cleaning. Upon purchasing, you can get dimmable digital LED and LCD control, and 2-way airflow adjustment, too, in the package.

Furthermore, this model has programmable 24 hours on and off timer to manage your desired operating schedule. Besides, while using this Portable Air Conditioner, you can choose three modes: cool, fan, and dehumidifier. However, the most exciting part is that it has a two years warranty. This assurance might be what the other individuals are wishing to have, so many are purchasing this excellent unit. 

On the contrary, here are the pros and cons you can consider while inspecting this fantastic unit. Each of this information can help you to decide if this model can suit your taste better. It can also guide you to make a wise decision to select and refer it to other people you know. So, here is the following data;

Why should you purchase this?

With the features that it contains, we believe that it might cover the things you are hoping for in this kind of appliance. Plus, instead of having a buildable air conditioner, this Portable Air Conditioner is much easier to maintain. You can also bring this unit to your RV and enjoy the refreshing effect while traveling to different places. It also doesn’t cost a fortune for an excellent product.

2. AP1019CR1G


  • It contains a multi-directional air control and a window venting kit.
  • With overload protection and  fan-only option
  • It has a sleep mode and an auto-cool function.
  • With 24 hours timer and automatic shut-off
    It has movable wheels below and a detachable and washable air filter.
  • It has a thermostat function with two years warranty.


  • It does not have color and size variations.
  • It doesn’t have a Wi-Fi receiver and Bluetooth compatibility; therefore, it does not work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Units, and SmartThings.
  • It does not work with iOS and Androids, even with Google Assistant.
  • No free shipping
  • Without voice control
  • Without heater feature
Item Dimension30.0 x 13.3 inches
Item Weight57.5 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorGray

Another Portable Air Conditioner that you can have in your place. This kind of handy unit can bring a breeze effect in a 300 sq ft. closed area. It contains 10000 BTU capacity (ASHRAE) and 6500 capacity (DOE) with 48-decibel levels on low. It also has three modes such as cooling, fan, and dehumidifier. Unlike other handy units, it is simple and easy to assemble because of the window kit with the primary model. 

On the other page, it has a detachable and washable air filter. Dimmable LED digital control and LCD remote control are also available together with the AP1019CR1G unit. Other than that, it includes programmable 24 hours on and off timer that you can perform by schedule. Additionally, two years warranty is also possible in this model. 

To add more information, we provide the pros and the cons that you might want to examine. Before anything else, these details can guide you to understand the things that this unit can offer. Each of these data helps choose what’s the best version that suits your favor the most. Below are the following data related;

Why should you purchase this?

If you are a person who wants to save money even if you need a certain thing, this unit might fit you better. This model is much cheaper than the other kinds of these Portable Air Conditioner stars. It has the other features that the others contain. However, it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi compatibility that some people want in their things. Thus, it might perform better than you expect.

3. AP1019CW1G


  • It contains a Wi-Fi receiver.
  • With multi-directional air control with overload protection
  • It includes sleep mode and an auto cool function, and  24 hours timer.
  • It works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It can also work in iOS and Androids.
  • You can also use voice control, and it has an automatic shut-off.


  • No other color and sizes available
  • The quiet mode is not accessible in this unit.
  • It doesn’t work with Apple Homekit.
  • Bluetooth compatibility is not convenient in this model.
  • Heating temperature is also not available.
Item Dimension28.7 x 17.4 inches
Item Weight64.41 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorGray

Let us move forward in this modern portable AC that you can purchase in some trusted online shops out there. This air conditioner can cool up to 300 sq ft area, and the good thing that this unit can provide is the Wi-Fi compatibility. Unlike a simple portable air conditioner, this aircon can use an internet connection to function. It also works well with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and anywhere with the Hisense HiSmart App to monitor and change this model’s setting.

Moreover, it consists of 10000 BTU capacity (ASHRAE) and 6500 capacity (DOE) with 46 decibels on low. It is also simple to clean because it has a detachable and washable air filter that you can easily maintain. Just like the other unit, it also has dimmable LED digital control and LCD distant control. And based on your schedule, you can use the programmable 24 hours on and off timer to do its job alone. 

Besides, it also has three modes such as chilling, fan, and dehumidifier. With the use of these modes, you can achieve the suitable refreshment that you prefer while resting. You can also set it up effortlessly because of its window venting kit to help you assemble this AP1019CW1G AC handy. And if you come across some instances with it, the two years warranty can provide an assurance. 

On the other side, here are the pros and cons that you might want to know. This information might serve as your guidelines while selecting a suitable unit for yourself. We listed some data below to show you the things that this model can provide. Also, the things that you might not see on the video link in it. 

Why should you purchase this?

Unlike the unit before this model, AP1019CW1G AC handy has Wi-Fi compatibility that you can use while using it. On the same page, purchasing this component can lessen and provide excellent work while resting. Plus, it doesn’t cost a fortune, considering the shipping fee also. That is why some individuals buy this kind of handy aircon.

4. AP1419CR1G


  • It is multi-directional air control and an oscillation feature.
  • It also includes a window venting kit for safety and effortless assembly.
  • It also has a sleep mode and auto-cool function.
  • It has 24 hours on and off timer and includes a distant controller.
  • It is a thermostat unit with an automatic shut-off.
  • It has movable wheels to help you place it anywhere you want and a detachable and washable air filter for cleaning.


  • It has no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • It doesn’t work in Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and SmartThings.
  • It doesn’t have a quiet mode.
  • It also doesn’t work with iOS and Androids.
  • Without voice audio control and heater
  • It is also not working with Google Assistant.
Item Dimension28.7 x 17.4 inches
Item Weight72.52 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorGray

This section contains another kind of AC unit, the AP1419CR1G. It consists of 14000 BTU capacity (ASHRAE) and 8500 capacity (DOE) with 49 decibel low. These air products have three modes: excellent, fan, and dehumidifier, and can cool a 500 sq ft. area. Cleaning is not an issue in this air product because it has a detachable and washable air filter that you can clean instantly.

Apart from that, You can also add the dimmable LCB digital control, the LCD distant control, and 2-way airflow adjustment to its excellent features.

Another thing is, it has a window venting kit that can help you to install this unit without trouble. You can also consider the adjustable louvers after powering them on because it automatically opens to a present position. Plus, it has programmable 24 hours on and off timer to set your preferred schedule. 

Along with that is the two years warranty for your unit. By the way, the filter is nylon type. It also has a single hose exhaust. And also it has 3 number levels of speed. 

In addition to this are the pros and cons that you can consider while inspecting this excellent unit. Each of these details can help you to make your decision more reliable. The guidelines that these data can provide an outstanding result upon navigating each information. Below is the list of information that you can’t see on the video link in it;

Why should you purchase this?

If you are looking for practical yet straightforward handy air products, this unit is the best for you. Also, if you like classic and no-hassle models, you can try this incredible invention. It may not have a similar Wi-Fi receiver, but it also shows you other features you can see in your advanced model. Plus, the distance controller is enough to function smoothly, so you don’t need fancy features upon using this outstanding AP1419CR1G technology.

5. AP1319HR1G


  • Multi-directional air control is one of its excellent features and has an oscillation function.
  • It goes with a window venting kit for easy installation, overload protection, and a fan-only option.
  • It also contains auto cool, sleeps mode, and 24 hours on/off timer.
  • The package includes a remote control, single-hose exhaust, and movable wheels at the base.
  • It also applies to the heater function with automatic shut-off.
  • It is a thermostat model, and it has a two years warranty.


  • It doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • It can’t work with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
  • Even in iOS and Androids, it is impossible to connect.
  • It doesn’t work with Google Assistant.
  • It can’t use voice audio control and has no quiet mode.
  • It has no Bluetooth and App compatibility.
Item Dimension28.7 x 17.4 inches
Item Weight71.64 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorGray

Before we proceed to the last kind of these AC portable air products, here is the AP1319HR1G unit. Dissimilar to the models above, it has four modes: cool, fan, heat, and dehumidifier. Yes, there are four modes that you can choose based on your preferred refreshment. It can also cool the 400 sq ft closed area of your places. 

On the other page, it has 12000 BTU capacity (ASHRAE) and 7500 capacity (DOE), and 10000 heat pump functions included at 49 decibel low. It also contains dimmable LED digital control and LCD distant control, and 2-way airflow adjustments. Considering your schedule, you can also set the programmable 24 hours on and off timer. And for the installation, you can easily manage it with the window venting kit available in the package.

A detachable and washable air filter is available in this unit, but the adjustable louvers work after you powered it on and automatically opens in a present position. Thus, the filter of this model contains nylon, and it also has a single-hose exhaust. For the assurance of this unit, they give a two years warranty. 

Below are the pros and cons you can use to check the features that this model has. It might help you to make an excellent decision to decide whether this model is the best for you. So, to make it more precise here is the related data that we gather. It includes the following;

Why should you purchase this?

If you are a fan of unique and somehow different units, this model can suit you better. It is because it has four functional modes than the other models. It might have no Wi-Fi connection, but it can provide an extra service mode and outstanding features that can satisfy you instantly. If you want to shop, you can order it in various trusted online shops; you can contact them and ask for the shipping procedures.

6. AP0819CR1W


  • Similar to the others, it also plays a multi-directional air control.
  • It also consists of overload protection and a fan-only option.
  • It has an auto cool and sleep mode.
  • A remote control, single-hose exhaust, and a detachable and washable nylon filter are also available.
  • It is also a thermostat unit.
  • It also has movable wheels to place it anywhere.


  • It doesn’t have color and size variation and a quiet mode function.
  • It has no Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • It doesn’t work with Amazon Alexa and SmartThings; even in Google Assistant, it is impossible to operate.
  • It doesn’t work with iOS and Androids.
  • It also has no voice control.
  • It has no heater function.
Item Dimension26.4 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight52.91 lbs.
Capacity115 volts
Available ColorWhite

This kind of AC portable is the last unit that we have. This model is the AP0819CR1W. It has 8000 BTU capacity (ASHRAE) and 5500 capacity (DOE) with 47 decibels low. This version can cool the maximum 200 sq ft. area properly. With the three functional modes of cool, fan, and dehumidifier, you can enjoy the refreshing moment of your relaxation.

Moreover, similar to the preview units, it also provides dimmable LED digital control and LCD remote control, and 2-way airflow adjustment. For proper and straightforward cleaning, you can do the removable and washable air filter available inside. For installation, you can assure that it is also safe and effortless to assemble Because it has its window venting kit that may help you correctly set up your unit in a snap.

However, here are the pros and the cons that you can overlook while selecting this model. This section contains information about the things that this unit can provide and cannot. It is also a great thing to see to make an excellent decision of buying this AC. So, let us start and discover more about it.

Why should you purchase this?

AP0819CR1W has 24 hours on and off-timer that you can set if you are busy and need to do errands occasionally. That way, you can forget this unit and lessen the things you need to handle before leaving your place. The automatic shut-off is a useful feature that can help you in those instances. Besides, a two-year warranty is also a great deal to have when purchasing this kind of appliance.

Hisense Handy Aircon Features

This section involves some features that you can experience when you purchase this excellent technology. Each of these features can provide you with extraordinary satisfaction while you are resting in your area. Other than that, join us as we give you the further details that this unit has. And to know more about these key features, let’s get started!


Some AC handy models can provide an instant heat function to lessen the coldness inside your house. However, it also depends on the amount of heat that these units can collect. The outside temperature also affects the collection of heat that this unit can have. For example, this model can only collect not much heat in a cold climate because of extreme coldness outside.

Therefore, it can only release the remaining heat stock inside from the preview days. It can’t produce scorching temperatures like the standard heater. Instead, it can only give enough heat to maintain your body heat. It is efficient and convenient to supplement heat from the heat pump that costs less than space heater heat.


All the units of this AC handy brand have this dehumidifier feature. This feature is useful for those individuals that want drier air than the cooler once. This technology’s idea provides an excellent result, which is why many customers are interested in trying this appliance. This feature can support the proper knowledge that each of this model’s modes is also essential and plays a vital role in performing an excellent job.

On the other page, it also has benefits that you might want to know. It can remove the humidity inside your house. And the heat that you eliminate using this unit can be back by releasing it inside. As a result, you don’t have a more excellent indoors.

Wi-Fi/Technology Supported

Nowadays, many individuals rely on the internet connection that is available anywhere, even in their houses. That is why, as a wise move, many manufacturers produce various appliances that contain Wi-Fi compatibility. That way, they can introduce modern intelligence to the people. And give simple and convenient benefits with the use of their inventions.

With the internet’s presence in this AC handy, you can control it anywhere you want inside your houses. You can change the modes of this appliance using voice control and your iOS and Androids gadgets. It is effortless to do and enjoy comfortably. Can you imagine you can command your device in a snap by controlling it using your Wi-Fi?

On the contrary, connection loss can also affect this appliance the most. As you know, this idea is not advisable when you don’t have an internet connection. That is why they also provide a remote control in every unit that they have. Some AC portables don’t have a Wi-Fi receiver; in that case, whether the connection is lost, this version can be more valuable than the version with Wi-Fi compatibility. However, either of the two units is convenient to everyone.

Evaporation, Not Tanks

Are you tired of throwing the water that comes from your air conditioner? If that is the case, this handy aircon can be your excellent remedy for that matter. As you know, this appliance has an outstanding feature that uses evaporation than using tanks. Yes, you heard it right. 

Using this handy appliance, you can avoid wasting your time by throwing the collected water dripping at the back of your aircon. This unit can evaporate the moisture from the hose exhaust, so there is a little, if any, in the model’s drain. You can place a handy drain at the back for your assurance, even if it is probably nothing much to draw.

Features That Is Not Available In This Handy Aircon Brand

This section contains the features that are not available in every handy aircon that we introduced to you a while ago. Even if it is not present in our AC convenient stars, it doesn’t mean that all of this aircon can’t operate without this feature. It is just, we want to share with you some exciting features that other kinds of handy aircon have, but we don’t have. However, it is not a must in every appliance like our AC stars.

We discuss the handy aircon with an excellent reputation in the market for disclaimers even without this feature. That is why if you are asking, we just want to compare this feature to our units. Only to share the things that this matter can provide and not. Thus, let us find out what kind of quality is what we are talking about.

Dual Hose Exhaust

The thing is that all our handy aircon has only a single hose exhaust that can draw in the air from the area, extract the humidity and heat from it and bring it outside. For that reason, it can produce negative pressure inside your room. When the air pulls out into your area through the exterior or drafty doors, that air becomes humid and warm. Thus, the net effect of that for the p[ortable aircon does not reduce heat in the close area as many British Thermal Units as the same length of your AC window would. 

On the contrary, the two hose exhaust is way better because the air inside is not empty. Alternatively, it can pull out the heat and the moisture from the air. The cooler, drier air comes back into the room. The first functional hose brings in the outside air to cool the compressor and the refrigerant, which becomes hot when you remove the air’s heat. And the other hose exhausts it.

Ways to Drain Water Inside the Handy Aircon at Home

Even though these units have an evaporating function for the water they can collect, we also listed some possible ways to remove it before the cold season comes. Unlike the ordinary aircon that needs so much attention in collecting drained water, this handy model is easier to manage. To know more about the idea that we want to share, here is the following;

  • Fully Self-Evaporative Modelthis method automatically evaporates the moisture out of the hose exhaust together with the warm air that this unit can produce. It means that you can collect water rarely or never at all. 
  • Gravity Drain of Condensate Pumpit is a common way to drain the moisture inside your aircon. Plus, it is the easiest thing to consider. You just attach the hose and place a collecting container of place in the other location freely. That way, you can remove the water altogether.
  • Manual Removal – are you an OC person? Then this way might fit you the most. Manually, you can eliminate the water; as you know, this unit contains a bucket if you do this kind of method. Aside from the hose, the bucket can collect all the water and moisture that these models can produce. 

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) About The Best Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Home Unit Reviews

This section includes some of the questions of many individuals who want to purchase this handy aircon. We create a list of the problems many customers are curious about. It can also help you in your decision in the future in selecting your preferred unit. So, below are the following;

1. What is a handy aircon?

If you are not familiar with a handy aircon, you can use a self-contained appliance in a small room. You can set it up on your grounds using the window venting kit that the manufacturer includes in the package. With this tool, you can easily install it in your preferred place inside your room. It also contains movable wheels to make it more accessible to place anywhere you want and make it an alternative to other window units.

2. What size of Aircon (British Thermal Unit level) do you need?

In this case, there are some matters that you need to consider especially, the sizes of the rooms that you have. Yes, that is right. Your British Thermal Unit level depends on the site that you need to place the handy aircon. An excellent example for that is the following;

  • Small close areas 

In this place, 7000 to 10000 BTU level is advisable. A 300 sq ft. can accommodate the coolness that this handy aircon level can provide. 

  • Medium size area 

This place can use 11000 to 14000 levels of BTU. It is much more significant than you need to adjust the type of handy aircon you want to use.

  • Large or commercial application 

An excellent example of this place is a computer area, manufacturing facilities, and unique event places. The highest level works well with this massive space.

3. Can you lengthen the hose exhaust?

In this matter, it is best to use it as it is. When you conduct an adjustment in your purchased appliances, it can affect the warranty that you have for your unit. The management can terminate your contract because of that reason.

4. What electrical equipment and energy consumption should you use for your handy aircon?

This question can be an excellent precaution for everyone. It is because it is also essential to know the proper voltage of the appliances that you have. It can also cause you severe trouble if you use other voltages than the right one. That is why we suggest that you review the instructions and warnings in the manual or watch videos on these units’ internet. 

Furthermore, these units contain 115/120-volt power. These models don’t need particular outlets and warnings to operate. For that reason, it is convenient for everybody who uses the same volt power. Hence, the energy consumption can also depend on the environmental condition and the model.

5. Will the handy aircon work for multiple areas?

For this matter, it might vary depending on the space that you have in your place. The wide range needs a high level of BTU to achieve the coolness that you need. However, it might affect the cool refreshment that this unit can provide if you have massive doorways. Still, it’s possible to use, but make sure that the model that you have can accommodate the space that you use.


We have come this far. We hope that we give you excellent guidelines and knowledge to understand the things that these units can provide. Each of the sections above can help you have a fantastic review of the handy aircon you choose between the various models. And we hope that you consider the pros and cons that we include in them. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact someone and order yours, and enjoy the satisfaction feedback that these units can give you. Plus, experience the convenience of the various feature reviews that each of them can provide. You can check the videos of each of these units on the link. Thank you!

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